I Want My Thighs To Look Like A Baked Potato

heidi klum There’s just no other word for it — this is your classic ‘hot mess’. (And I promise those two words will never pass my lips again.) Heidi Klum took a rare fashion misstep, or three, on last night’s episode of ‘Project Runway’.  Gee, mylar walking shorts sound like such a good idea . . . when you are tripping on angel dust. They look like some weight-loss  cellulite-smoothing device sold on infomercials. The whole look is so unflattering: no two of these garments go together; there are sparkly rhinestones on the sleeves of the jacket; her knees look knobbly; and it looks like she combed her hair with a fork. Let’s chalk this one up to post-partum sartorial dysphoria. Stay tuned. (Last night’s loser after the jump. Spoiler alert.)



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