Shake Your Zombi Booty

PGT March The Providence Ghost Tour, featuring the Extraordinary Rendition Band and the Riff Parade, steps off today from the park at Prospect Terrace on Congdon Street (leave Roger alone!). I totally ganked this off LotsOfNoise where they have a map of the parade route which appears to go straight through Blue State Coffee! Tip generously.

[Additional Note: As ‘Dave the Commenter’ has noticed, the date on this image appears to be off. But according to the Providence Ghost Tour website the marching is today, October 30th. But, the time may be more like 6pm. Jeez, you would think ghost tour professionals would run a tighter ship. You are on your own folks.]

Free! 5-ish, Friday, Prospect Terrace, Congdon Street

3 thoughts on “Shake Your Zombi Booty”

  1. hey folks! apologies on that, the little flyer you have there was submitted by one of the bands- ours can be seen on our site, and yes its THIS Friday, October 30th haha. thanks so much for the post- we love the site.

    still buggin’ over that Providence UFO post from a few weeks back.

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