Cool Fixture

Eastside Creamery interior The East Side Creamery on Ives Street has several things going for it; a neon sign, Allie’s donuts fresh daily, a weiner machine. But this vintage fountain cabinet is the showpiece. The item comes from the old Woonsocket Woolworth’s which had purchased it in 1952. When Creamery proprietor, Joe Sousa, set up shop five months ago he just couldn’t resist the gleaming, stainless surfaces with its subtle deco detailing. He is so in love with this piece that he removed one of the heavy porcelain inserts for me to heft. It was substantial, and a testament to the way things used to be crafted even when they didn’t show. Smooth pump action on the syrup dispenser as well.

East Side Creamery, 170 Ives Street

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