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Charles Foster Offdensen Last Sunday was the Season Three premiere of Metalocalypse and it seems that the creative ambitions have expanded with the new 30-minute time slot. First a quibble with the people at Adult Swim — what is with the unbelievably lame designation ‘Stoner Series’? Dude. Seriously uncool.

So, in last season’s cliffhanging finale it looked as if a much-beloved character had died violently (but things are not always what they seem). Since then, without Charles’ moderating influence, Dethklok’s spending habits have spiraled out of control including the purchase of a solid ruby metronome, champagne humidifiers and giant panda throw rugs (although it must be noted that Nicholas Cage has made satire in this realm nearly impossible). It also appears that The Tribunal is mobilizing.

I will keep an open mind. Frequently an opening episode has to lay down some groundwork — and there were some good laughs, but no great ones. In the past the golden moments have occurred when these overindulged self-absorbed idiots went about in the real world, dealing with family weddings, dating, or just trying to cope with a toaster. And there seemed no end of material in the lives of insecure, image-obsessed musicians, the excesses of the bloated rock-and-roll life, and jokes about bass players. But, if Brendon Small wants to take this in a new direction, I’m there. And at least the lawyer is okay.

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