Toddler’s Wheelchair Stolen, Insurance Won’t Cover Replacement

In “Oh my God this world is going to hell in a handbasket” news, some rassafrassing so-and-so has stolen the wheelchair belonging to a special needs three-year old on the south side.

The ProJo reports that on Monday morning, the boy’s brother brought the chair out to the sidewalk on Congress Avenue, then went inside to help his mom bring the boy outside. In those few minutes, somebody ran off with the $2,800 chair.  The boy, D’Mauri Bonds, can’t walk or talk, and his carless mom can’t drive him to school, so he’s stuck home until somebody returns the chair.  The insurance company won’t cover a new one, either, so mom Latrarcia Bonds is asking for its immediate return.

It’s probably a long shot, but if anybody has any info they can call the family at 401-282-0683.

4 thoughts on “Toddler’s Wheelchair Stolen, Insurance Won’t Cover Replacement”

  1. Karen McAninch

    The insurance referenced is probably Medicaid, Beth. According to the ProJo today, another family from East Providence has given them a similar wheelchair their child outgrew.

  2. Gina and Scott Wallace of East Providence have donated a used chair that their son had outgrown. There really are good people out there, we just here about the others more.

  3. What insurance company? Maybe the wheelchair wasn’t insured. God knows I have no love lost on the insurance companies, but in the interest of accuracy, unless she had insured the wheelchair for theft I’m not sure who she should expect to cover it. Your typical medical insurance policy wouldn’t cover a stolen wheelchair. Did she have a homeowners or renters policy that covered it?

  4. Can you please keep this thread updated and let us know if we can donate money to buy a new wheelchair.

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