For Dose Readers And Friends’ve been asked to make sure that it’s known that this week’s salon, and events at the Athenaeum more generally, are open to Daily Dose readers, with free admission.

SALON – Series: So, What’s the Story?
Friday, 11/13, 5-7pm
Part Five: Candy Adriance on the long and winding road to a library in a Kenyan village.

Thirty years ago Adriance met a Kenyan woman whose life would intersect with hers in ways then unimagined. Now family members by marriage, both are among a growing group of adults and children in the U.S. and Kenya devoted to sustaining the Mwea Primary School in Thika, Kenya, a tiny rural village. Plans for a new school building will include a community library, the first in the village’s history.

Join us for a conversation about crossing cultures, creating opportunities, taking chances, dreaming big and small, and why the library is the center of the universe. More on the school: For Athenaeum members and their guests.

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