AS220 Restaurant Grand Opening: Friday The 13th

the Restaurant at AS220 [Update: I’ll bump this up as a reminder. Might be fun. BC]

At last, our long national nightmare is over. They have already had a ‘soft’ opening — always a good idea for working out the bugs, so to speak — but in two days AS220 will hold the ‘craaaazy’ opening celebration, “Hail Seitan” (which actually is kind of clever). Gail Ciampa gives the menu and the new creative team a mention in this mornings’s ProJo,

It will be known as the Restaurant at AS220 and replaces tenant Taqueria Pacifica. It features dishes that are all priced between $1 and $8, an extensive offering of vegetarian dishes, local artisan and farm food and daily specials.

Guy Michaud, formerly of Napa Valley Grille, is the manager, and Justin Earsing is the new chef. He comes from the Local 121 kitchen on Washington Street. The kitchen has been updated to offer more stove-top cooking. The walls have been spruced up and there is a new hand-painted sign signaling the spot.

Hail Seitan Buffet $6.66, 6pm, Friday the 13th, the Restaurant at AS220, 115 Empire Street

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  1. I went to last Friday’s “soft opening”.
    And although the food was not “bad” I have to wonder: If there is a planned location for a Taqueria Pacifica reopening?

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