And So Can You

stephen and chris install a lamppost

First in a series: I call this ‘Stephen and Chris install a new lamppost in Wayland Square’.

4 thoughts on “And So Can You”

  1. stefanmichaelziewacz

    If there were a face and persona to meet the requirements of a future utopian (or dystopian depending on one’s perspective) citizen, a kind of Stepford Everyman, it would certainly be Stephen Colbert. I immediately thought of Jonathan Lethem’s story, A Procedure in Plain Air (The New Yorker, October 26, 2009) about a man who, while drinking coffee outside a café, witnesses a prisoner being lowered into a hole in a New York City street. The surreal simulacrum of Colbert’s grinning countenance only adds to this allusion (and illusion).

  2. When I was walking around Wayland Square earlier today, I was wondering:(1) who the weird person was walking around with a cardboard cutout, and (2) who was the mystery person on the front of the cutout? Now I have answers to both…

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