Larry’s Larry’s Larry’s!!!

Strange shenanigans are afoot at the 201 Friday night with the “return” of superdeejay Larry (no last name given, or apparently required) and his solid gold (possibly literally) dancers and world-class superdeejay crew. From the “official” FB page:

Before Local 121, AS220, The Firehouse, AfroSonic, LoveLife, Paint-it-Pink, IndieDance-Party, and the ‘Filthy Rich’ in Olneyville making their “Noise Music”, there was a legendary music scene in Rhode Island. It was known by three words:

Larry’s Larry’s Larry’s…

2 thoughts on “Larry’s Larry’s Larry’s!!!”

  1. Odd, my regular computer works fine… Must just be my lousy phone browser.

  2. I think that link might be a phishing link. My browser is asking me to authenticate even though I’m obviously connected to facebook.

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