Lite 105 Is Apparently On 92 PRO FM Now


Is anybody listening to the radio this afternoon?  I ask because something kind of nuts just happened on 92 PRO-FM.

Maybe, I don’t know, half an hour ago, just as I was finishing my drive-time singalong with Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone”*, the DJ (I think David Jones) came on with a station ID and a plug for the Jones and Heather morning show on Lite 105.  Which is a different station.

Then, abruptly, things went back to normal, sort of, with PRO-FM’s ever-irritating Jessica coming on as though nothing had happened.  Except something clearly had, because the Lady GaGa track in the background then cut off abruptly and all of a sudden there was an oddly-timed Ryan Seacrest ad for whatever dude of New Moon is going to be on American Top 40 this week.

I know things are tough for parent company Citadel these days, but you think they’d be able to at least maintain the illusion that different stations are programmed and operated by different people.

(*It’s a really good song.  Shut up.)

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