Get Behind Me Seitan*

Hewtin's Dogs Mobile Does that sign say “bacon wrapped pork meatloaf” and. . . “pork bellies with cheddar cheese sauce?!” Why, bless their thumping little hearts, it’s like the last 30 years never happened. The hell with turkey, this is what I want for Thanksgiving. Hewtin’s Dogs Mobile is a moveable feast so maybe I can get them to park in my sister’s driveway next Thursday. In truth, you can find them on Saturdays outside the Hope Artiste Village in conjunction with the Wintertime Farmers’ Market. (The Hewtin’s truck can be found Wednesday through Friday, 11:30am to 2:30pm, on North Main Street in Providence just south of Smith Street.)

*okay, last stupid pun on ‘seitan’ I promise

11am to 2:30pm, Saturday, Hope Artiste Village, 1005 Main Street, Pawtucket

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  1. Wish I had thought of that one. It was parked right out front as a matter of fact.

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