Weekend In Music

neon bitches Friday@the Blackstone, Baylock, Speed the Harvest, the Big Sway, Dakota, Formal Action @Lupo’s Saving Abel @Club Hell, Murphy’s Law, Unforgiven, the USM, Refuse/Resist, Grudeholder @AS220, Botfly, Reign of Abaddon, Bad Motherf*#ker, Tovarish

Saturday@le Club 201, Neon Bitches, Psonen, Lifers @AS220, Idiot Vehicle, From the Depths, Human Beast, Jesuscentric @Club Hell, The Agents, Reason to Fight, Cheech @Jerky’s, Grow, Sean Strange and NGP, Big Jon Tierney and Sauce @Nick-A-Nees, Mark Cutler and the Tiny String Band @Lupo’s, The Slip, Marco Benevento @Firehouse 13, Big Tall Buildings, Devil and a Penny, the Messiahs, How to be an Explorer, Lights Over Atlantic

Sunday@AS220, Vudu Bevy, Knuf Said, Mad Man Marty and the Silver Bullet, Big Benny B @Jerky’s, Themselves, Eyedea and Abilities, Broken Ground, Iceburg Young and Tea Musket @the Blackstone, Spogga, Zulu Lulu

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