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Adam Goldberg in (Untitled)Some particularly interesting choices right now at the Cable Car Cinema. I am somewhat curious about Until the Light Takes Us, a documentary detailing the bleak history of the Norwegian black metal scene. Unfortunately, Rick Massimo writes that the movie is short on any actual music, a fairly common problem for low-budget music docs. I’m also pretty sure the cast of characters will be depressingly recognizable types — alienated suburban goons rebelling against the faceless conformity of modern society. Loners who confuse violence and noise with psychological depth and music-you-are-too-bourgeois-to-comprehend. And, it is now impossible for me to forget the hilarious Lillehammer episode from Metalocalypse. The movie that looks real good is the Adam Goldberg vehicle (Untitled) which takes on the insufferable, phoney-baloney world of “The Arts” in Manhattan. Stephen Holden, writing for The New York Times,

Jonathan Parker’s acutely witty art-world satire, “(Untitled),” carries off a tricky balancing act. It invites us to view the fictitious avant-garde musicians, visual artists, gallery owners, collectors and critics trooping across the screen as fraudulent, self-deluded buffoons. But at the same time it takes these visionary oddballs — and the art they make, buy and sell — seriously enough to force you to examine your own reflexive skepticism.

(And it comes in at 1 hour and 36 minutes, hooray for short movies.) Also showing is William Kunstler:Disturbing the Universe. It is directed by two gals also named Kunstler. Soooo… don’t know about that one.

Cable Car Cinema & Cafe, 204 South Main Street, 272.3970

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