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Whether you use that term to describe the affliction or the cure — Gourmet Heaven is your mecca. My assignment editor told me about this place (confirming my suspicions) and I’ve never seen anything like it. Happily, it seems like a viable business model for this downtown location. There were many happy noshers this Tuesday afternoon and I’m just assuming it’s busy at night. I couldn’t really go at it properly as my arms were full and there is no place to put anything down because there is food for sale on every surface — you’re gonna need both hands. And there are plenty of choices for your vegetarian girlfriend. I’m not a big fan of buffet eating at all, but this stuff looked pretty good to me. They seem to have free delivery but for cripes sake get up off your couch and go for a walk.

Open till 1am, Gourmet Heaven, 173 Weybosset Street (at Union), 536.9000

8 thoughts on “Munchies”

  1. well, they offer the cheapest bacon, egg and cheese sandwich
    i’ve found downtown! and there is absolutely no reason this sort
    of sandwich should cost $7

  2. I think the downtown location can work, and I think they’re making out alright. I tend to, remember (quite happily) that it exists when it’s midnight and I realize I haven’t eaten all day, so I’m not there at prime time.

    The sandwiches are great. And I agree that price tags would be helpful, for the customers and the business — when I see something without one, I just assume I can’t afford it.

  3. Gourmet Heaven is a Midtown-style bodega based in New Haven. They’re used to Yale, and would probably be better sited near Brown.

    The one here is smaller than the original, but has most of the same amenities, including a seating loft with wifi. There’s the buffet, but there’s also short order and a coffee bar.

  4. I didn’t notice the pricing thing which is annoying. I’m surprised that nights aren’t busy given its proximity to JW and that huge RISD dorm. Maybe it’s the sticker shock at the register.

  5. Same gripe as Andrew above. They really should label things. My mini subversive act is to just take stuff I might want up to the counter and ask how much each item is leaving aside the over priced stuff.

    Otherwise I love the place esp. if you are careful on your portions. (I never knew how quickly I could pile on 2lbs of food).

    Despite the author’s assumption it is pretty quiet at night.

  6. you’ve never seen anything like it? like what? a deli/grocery with a buffet in it?

  7. I have one big issue with Gourmet Heaven – most of the food on the shelves carries no price tag.

    When I pointed this out to them, and they looked at me like I was crazy, and said “everyone else doesn’t have a problem with it.”

    Is it just me who wants to know how much I have to pay for gourmet food, before I buy it?

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