Bonniedale Animals In Jeopardy

bonniedale animals

UPDATE: The Projo has an update on the eviction, and plans to care for the animals.

ORIGINAL,12/8: Fortunately Dr. Ernest Finocchio, head of the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, appears to be on top of the dire situation developing at Bonniedale Farms in Glocester. Yesterday morning Dan MacKenzie, the owner of Bonniedale, was served with eviction papers by a constable representing a Massachusetts bank. A moving van has cleared the personal effects out, but 136 animals have been left behind. According to the ProJo,

Finocchio said he was advised that the bank had hired an agency to take care of the animals. Whatever they do, he said, they had better do quickly because state law requires that animals must be provided with potable water and food within 24 hours, and he has the authority to bring charges.

“If that’s not done, we’ll have no choice but to follow the law and charge someone with neglect of these animals,” said the Rhode Island SPCA leader, who vowed to be back at the farm Tuesday at 9 a.m. Finocchio did succeed in having some animals removed from the site Monday, including a 7-foot corn snake, which was taken to the SPCA shelter in East Providence.

Good luck to Dr. Finnochio who is working on this with the Glocester Animal Control Officer as well as the state veterinarian. If this requires court action, let’s hope it moves to the top of the calendar.

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