Another One for the Books

So, you ask, what exactly is it that preteen Catholic schoolgirls don’t do? Breaking the principal’s clothesline, for one. But that’s exactly what heroine Jody has done, in first-time Providence author Judi Cosentino’s book, Good Girls Don’t….

Self-published and soon making its way to local bookstores, Good Girls Don’t… explores the life of eleven-year-old Catholic schoolgirl Jody Gingerelli — in love with eighth-grade Jared, the local Mr. Wrong, and trying to be as cool a preteen as best friend Andrea. All while trying not to incur the wrath of principal Sister Concettina. Good Girls Don’t… is available right now at Lulu, and will be available at Amazon and local bookstores by New Year’s (under J. M. Cosentino).

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