Dance To Kick Off The HealthAccessRI Campaign

dj and dancing HealthAccessRI (which David Segal wrote about here) is the nation’s first primary care subscription program, homegrown right here in Rhode Island. Essentially, it’s a network of primary care doctors offering affordable primary care to patients who lack health insurance or have high-deductible insurance. And HealthAccessRI is launching a campaign to grow to a total of 10,000 members by December of 2010.

This is quite an ambitious goal, considering that HealthAccessRI only has 500 members now, and is therefore hoping to increase its membership by twenty-fold in one year. But should it reach this goal, it will have the leverage to convince a big insurer (like Blue Cross Blue Shield, or perhaps somebody new) to sell inexpensive high-deductible major medical insurance in Rhode Island. The combination of primary care from HealthAccessRI and high-deductible insurance would give Rhode Islanders the health care we need — world-class primary care from our family doctors in our neighborhoods, and financial protection in case of illness or injury.

But about the dancing — Saturday, December 12th is destined to be quite a night. Not only will we be dancing to the music of the illustrious DJ duo Micah Jackson in the beautiful 28 Wolcott Space (sustainably designed by Providence’s John Jacobson) and doing all of the above for free, but (as if you needed more incentive) we’re gonna be doing it to kickoff the HealthAccessRI 10,000 by December 2010 campaign. To keep up with the campaign, fan HealthAccessRI on Facebook and follow it on Twitter.

So come to the party and invite your friends. Event details are right here on Facebook and also on the HealthAccessRI website. Managing Director of HealthAccessRI Dr. Michael Fine speaks at 10pm.

Free, Saturday, December 12th, 28 Wolcott Space, doors open at 9pm, speaker at 10pm, DJ all night

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