Designers Within Reach

The cast of the seventh season of Project Runway has just been announced, and Woonsocket native Jonathan Peters will be appearing on the program, which kicks off next month on Lifetime.

You can get a tour of the Providence-based designer’s home (and his mysteriously stocked refrigerator) at the Lifetime website, as long as you don’t mind hearing Miranda Lambert and/or Jazmine Sullivan singing to you about how cotton is the fabric of their lives first.

(Disclaimer: I don’t actually know anything about Project Runway, having only seen part of it once in a bar where the sound was off.  I don’t have cable and my knowledge of fashionable TV shows has been spotty since Roseanne got cancelled.  Speaking of which.)

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  1. Oh no, if this season follows the formula for the last few seasons, Jonathan will be auf’d by the 3rd week, he is just too cute and all the cute designers get sent home. Also, all the cute designers have sucked of late, but that shouldn’t matter.

    I saw that 3rd and Delaware site yesterday and it made me complete!

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