Blogosphere Party A Huge Success

local blogger And we were finally able to put faces to some of the names. . . with mixed results. Of course there were some stragglers from the earlier party (lawyers!) so who knows. Big thanks to Chris at ‘The 201’ for helping with the pizza and letting us decorate his walls with all the ecumenical interfaith cheesiness we could afford. Thanks to Eric for lining up the venue, thanks to Matthew for the great music, and thanks to me for picking up the pizza. Oh, and thanks to Dave for ordering the pizza. It was a great crowd of fellow bloggers, commenters, advertisers, riffraff and hangers-on, and we thank you for making it not suck at all.

Of course this note was delayed by the fact that our site was disabled for a considerable time today (as if the blog itself had a hangover — it lives). Turned out our host had us down for routine maintenance, something about an oil change. (And thanks to Tim for fielding my panicky phone call this morning, plus he did some fine balloon work last night.)

3 thoughts on “Blogosphere Party A Huge Success”

  1. Low Carb diet + several beers = endorphin overload, followed by massive next-day headache.

    I had a great time, though. I don’t think I offended anyone -too much-. :-)

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