H1N1 Vaccine For Young Adults

swine-flu-vaccine John Cucco of the Rhode Island Department of Health wants to get the word out to young Rhode Island residents and college students — the swine flu vaccine is now available.

Young adults through the age of 24 can now get H1N1 flu vaccine from their healthcare providers in Rhode Island. Vaccination is your best defense against this virus, which continues to affect young people across the state. Even if you consider yourself healthy, you are still at risk. The H1N1 vaccine is safe. It is made by the same manufacturers who produce seasonal flu vaccines, which millions of Americans receive every year.

Contact your healthcare provider for vaccination as soon as possible. Information about the public H1N1 vaccination clinics that will be held in the coming months will soon be posted on the website of the Rhode Island Department of Health (www.health.ri.gov).

Register for upcoming clinic — There will be a clinic making the vaccine available to out-of-state college students returning for holidays, but you must pre-register by December 21st. The ‘when’ and ‘where’ will be emailed to those who have pre-registered. (Click here to register.) Video of rapping anti-flu teen poets after the jump.


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