2010 — Arrivederci Don Veto Carcieri

override Can’t come soon enough. State Rep. (and Dose honcho) David Segal, acquitted himself admirably on the latest ‘Straight from the Gavel’ the local cable show designed to give voters a closer look at the legislative process and their elected officials. He was interviewed by Dave Barber — clearly sympathetic to Mr. Segal’s positions and initiatives — on the future of his recent legislative efforts, all of which have been vetoed by the Governor. Segal is coolly philosophical about all this, maintaining that a veto from the increasingly reactionary Carcieri is something of a “badge of honor” at this point. Agree with him or not, no one can dispute that the voters of District 2 (Providence and East Providence) get good value from their representative — he works his keister off for his constituents and the whole state. He made it clear he will return to the General Assembly in January and get himself some overrides.

Taped somewhere in the State House (I think) this show is a delightfully lo-tech production. At one point it sounds as if someone in the distance has dropped a large brass spittoon from the top of the dome onto the marble floor of the rotunda below. And as the interview progresses, so does the setting afternoon sun, straight into Dave’s eyes. Still he did not blink. Finally, Mr. Barber noted that Dave is also an “aggressive blogger” giving Dave the perfect opportunity to promote. . . RI’s Future!

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