Just Jef And The Snow Plows

Jef’s posted some video shot during the middle of the storm.  Striking in its serenity:


The lack of excitement might disappoint the PDD family — what with the sense that we came of age during our crack coverage of Plowgate 2007 — but having walked/driven/ridden/sledded much of the city since the blizzard of ’09 hit, I’m generally very impressed with the response.

3 thoughts on “Just Jef And The Snow Plows”

  1. I also say ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    There are two lane roads that are now one lane. Until the thaw they will remain this way with no follow through to clean up sloppy work After the rush is gone.

    How is this acceptable at all?

    Whoever “plowed” The corner of main and doyle has missed it by NINE FEET on one side and three on the other at a corner that is now completely inaccessible to all the elderly who live on that corner in two large hi-rises.

    Also a tip for the plow operators now that the person who was taking kickbacks from them has been convicted.

    WE see that you are not using your plow blades. WE SEE that you are plowing almost 3-4 inches from the ground and then making it worse by SALTING the whole thing until it is ice.

    WE the people need full time pro state operated plow drivers. This mish mash of using your cousin’s jurry rigged POS truck for this important task is criminal. It is why people die on our roads more. It is EXACTLY why businesses don’t want to relocate here.

  2. Really David? I’m not. Parade Street still has several inches of snow on it days later. I got into an accident slippy-sliding on it this morning. And Chapin is a total mess -and that’s a bus route! Maybe this is decent for RI standards but coming from a civlized place where roads are cleared after a storm this is nuts.

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