Sinterklaas Has Something For Your Shoe

Van Wafels guysStocking stuffer idea of the day — stroopwafels! A Dutch Brown student has seen a gaping hole in the sorely underdeveloped American snack food market and filled it. As a freshman, Abhishek Pruisken had brought some traditional Dutch waffle cookies from home and they were a big hit. Finding none available stateside, he and his friend Erik Ornitz started fiddling around in their dorm room and now it’s a real business and taking off.

All the Van Wafels baking is now carried out in the kitchen at the Hope Club on Benevolent Street which must be interesting. All I know is these cookies may be the most successful point-of-purchase impulse buy ever sold at Blue State Coffee. At $2/package of two, they are flying off the shelves almost like in a Dutch coffee shop, but without their synergistic marketing advantages. (They are also available at George’s Deli, Meeting Street Cafe, the Blue Room at Brown and pretty much anywhere Abhishek can get his foot in the door because he is charming and adorable and probably could have sold us wooden shoes, but these things really are delish.)

All of this has reminded me of the famous David Sedaris story of ‘Six to Eight Black Men’ an account of the utterly insane St. Nicholas Christmas tradition of the Netherlands, which I have to ask Abhishek about next time I see him. (Nutty video accompanies a David Sedaris reading of the story after the jump.)


Also here is what the wafels look like.

Yummy Van Wafels

6 thoughts on “Sinterklaas Has Something For Your Shoe”

  1. Dear All,

    Thank you for the wonderful comments!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you.



  2. The stroopwafels at Trader Joe’s are imported from Holland. Besides being fresher I find the Van Wafels cookies far tastier as well! Great Job!

  3. I love Van Wafels! I bought a pack of your waffle cookies at George’s Deli and they’re heavenly! Jenna, while you can indeed buy these waffle cookies at supermarkets, Van Wafels’s waffle cookies are produced right here. These waffles are much fresher than those in Trader Joe’s (trust me, i’ve tried them). THANK YOU Mr. Pruisken for Van Wafels!!

  4. yeah, they are brilliant! i got hold of a bunch of packs from the blue room and they taste great and fill you up. best way to start and end a day.

  5. I really hate to burst a young entrepeneur’s bubble, but you can totally buy these at Trader Joe’s. Although I guess for PVDers that isn’t local.

  6. omg. I’ve made these before, and nothing beats the gooey center warmed over a mug of coffee. I’m excited to buy them local, as making them leaves me with burns all over my arms.

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