Tired Of This Crew

retreads There’s nothing like the new year to get you thinking of clean slates and fresh starts. And then comes the morning ProJo with news of the Providence mayoral race and who do we have taking a run at the mayor’s job? Lombardi? Paolino? We have in Providence a vital and robust political scene with talented, young activists and players and this is who we get? I’m not all that unhappy with the current mayor, so I’m not too upset. Still, I would love to see some of the newcomers jump in and shake things up. I know you’re out there.

2 thoughts on “Tired Of This Crew”

  1. Paolino hasn’t burned any bridges?


    I’m in agreement Beth. I have some issues with the current Mayor, but voting for him will not be painful if he is the only credible option. I agree with Prof. Orr as well. Someone from outside of city government is needed to get voters excited.

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