Walken Up In The Air On Turbine Farm

weapon of choice Christopher Walken has a house on Block Island? Did everybody know this but me? The state PUC held a hearing yesterday regarding the proposed offshore wind farm to be erected south of the island and Block Island residents had an opportunity to air their concerns with Paul Rich of Deepwater Wind. Walken and wife Georgianne were in attendance.

Walken asked several questions, including why Deepwater needs to build a small wind farm just for Block Island. Couldn’t the developer connect the island to a 100-turbine farm proposed further offshore? he asked.

Fair enough, but . . .

One reason is that Deepwater is planning the Block Island wind farm as a precursor to the utility-scale project. . . a cable connecting Block Island to the mainland would be built only if the smaller wind farm goes forward.

Full story in the Wednesday ProJo.

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