The End Of An Era

wickenden street Demolition of the Wickenden Street overpass starts tonight at 6:30pm. RIDOT has indicated that the noisy jackhammer portion of the program will cease at a reasonable time in the evening so nearby residents can go nawny. A profile of artist Brent Bachelder, who began the now famous murals in 1997, appears in the Sunday ProJo. How many hours have I spent contemplating these images waiting for the light to change? Bachelder remains philosophical about the impending demise of his works.

“My friends and I always joked, even years ago, that we’re going to sit there with champagne and make toasts,” then gather pieces of rubble for souvenirs, the way people collected pieces of the Berlin Wall.

“It would be pretty cool to get a piece of rubble that had, like, an eye or something on it,” Bachelder said.

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