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swine flu vaccine Because out here on the street it is easier to score peyote buttons than the H1N1 vaccine. I’m guessing this particular phrase is coming from the office of Dr. Gifford at the Department of Health because it is being used across the board by local media outlets, print and television.

As it happens, earlier today I went to the Wayland Square CVS only to find that they are out of the vaccine already (although they seem inclined to leave their big signs posted around the store). I headed over to my doctor and he has enough for his high-risk patients only — I can call later this week to see if anyone didn’t show up and then maybe put my name on a list. Now comes Patrice Wood on today’s 5pm Channel 10 News again saying “blah blah blah. . . vaccine readily available. . .. . . blah blah blah” and behind her a panel of people ready to take your questions! So I called. And while the woman was very helpful, all she could advise me to do was head over to the Saturday vaccination clinic at Mt. Pleasant High School. There are more clinics statewide (click here) but that’s it for Providence, for January.

I realize this is all anecdotal and welcome all comments, but I wouldn’t go to these drugstores without calling first. They charge a fee and they may not have any (and they are getting free publicity for very little effort).

Saturday, 10am to 5:30pm, H1N1 Vaccination Clinic, 434 Mt. Pleasant Avenue

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  1. It sounds like there is still a general misconception among health professionals in Rhode Island about who should receive the vaccination. The CDC has recommended that everyone get the shot. I went to a walk in clinic and it was a very easy process. I had to fill out a one page form with my name, address and phone number and they took my temperature. No fee or insurance was required. The walk-in clinic I went to is Midland Medical (1312 Oaklawn Avenue Cranston 463-3380).

  2. Karen McAninch

    I completely agree with your post. I e-mailed the RI Department of Health regarding this, also. I don’t understand why there’s only one public clinic in Providence scheduled (and I will be out of state on that day). My husband was able to get the vaccine from his doctor because he is Type 1 diabetic, but what is the plan for the rest of us?

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