Praised Be Our Democracy

We’ll get to vote for a Republican after all!

PROVIDENCE, R.I.  — Republican John Robitaille has entered the race for Rhode Island governor.

The senior aide to Gov. Don Carcieri created a campaign committee Monday that allows him to begin raising money for a run to succeed his boss.

Robitaille did not immediately return calls seeking comment after filing paperwork with the state Board of Elections.

He is the only GOP candidate in the race to succeed Carcieri, who must by law leave office after finishing his second term next year. Robitaille now works as the governor’s director of communications.

He narrowly lost a race to unseat Rep. Amy Rice, a Portsmouth Democrat, in 2006.

His filing came after former Cranston Mayor Stephen Laffey reiterated Monday that he would not run as a Republican candidate for governor.

1 thought on “Praised Be Our Democracy”

  1. It remains to be seen how he’ll distinguish himself, but until he does, I think I speak for many when I say I’m expecting Carchy Lite with a double dose of bullshit. (Hey, you don’t get to be the gov’s mouthpiece just on good looks.)

    The GOP obviously needs to run someone. But is this, and Laffey’s screwball antics and weird rantings really the best they can come up with? Or are these the only guys with enough juice to push to the front of the line?

    As I’ve said before and will keep saying, Rhode Island’s GOP has only themselves to blame.

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