Tonight: Art! Boobs! Fashion!

the peerless Three things happening tonight, all of which are conveniently located on the same corner:

Local filmmaker Faythe Levine curated the show opening at Craftland, which features work by Merrilee Challiss and Margaret Oomen.  From the press release:

Merrilee brings her gouache and ink images of a darkly humorous view of natural history all the way from Birmingham, Alabama. Hailing from Aurora, Ontario, Margaret makes work that combines her fascination with science as a medical doctor with her love of nature to create crochet covered stones featuring fractal patterns and Fibonacci sequences.*

Also from the press release:

This show is not to be missed.

There will also be wine and snacks.

That runs from 5-8, at which point you can move upstairs to the (presumably heated) roof of the Peerless Building for the pre-release party for The Gurlz, a photo book about 100 women’s relationships with their own breasts. I’m really confused about what this event actually is–the Facebook invite I got sounds like both a call for models and a meet-and-greet in anticipation of the book’s imminent release–but either way it might be a cool project.  Also, there’s free wine and snacks.

That runs 6-10, which is really convenient, because when that’s over you can head across the street to Tazza to see local designer Jonathan Peters making his television debut on the season premiere of Project Runway.  Party starts at 9 with the show starting at 10.  I mean, you could also watch it at home, I guess, but television is always better on a giant screen with a full bar a few feet away, right?

There will not be free wine or snacks.  And actually there’s a cover.  But still, by that point you should not be complaining about five dollars.

(*I almost made a “1, 1, 2, 3, 5, Eureka!” joke.  But then I realized that probably no one would get the reference.  So I didn’t.  Except I kind of just did, I guess.  Not posting for almost a month has made my head a little rusty.)

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