Good Luck Homies

jonathan peters Yes, I do take pictures of my television set — and lately it’s been lousy with Rhode Islanders. Joining Pauly D and Amadeo in Television Land is Jonathan Peters, who hails from that noted fashion incubator, Woonsocket, and is a contestant on Season 7 of Project Runway. Not too much to say yet — the first episode is always crammed with contestants you don’t know yet and can’t tell apart. The clothes looked pretty good. Mr. Peters, who was scheduled to be downtown watching the episode with a big gang of people, made it through to next week; as did Anna Lynett who identified herself as a RISD grad, another guy who looked like he just stepped out of Roxy Music, and Ping the obligatory wacky Asian girl. The players start to sort themselves out in the later weeks.

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  1. “another guy who looked like he just stepped out of Roxy Music”
    Yes! Seth Aaron Henderson looks like a cross between a Teddy Boy and Bryan Ferry.

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