Two O’Clock Sunday

Mahi Mahi and the Double Decker Dance Band are going to be playing at the Dark Lady tonight.  We already mentioned that but the poster’s pretty neat-looking so I thought it worth reiterating.  Afterwards DJ Dave Public will be spinning the tunes.

If you’re looking for something gayer than the Dark Lady, tonight also marks the third anniversary of Bitchidence.  The catty blog is one of my favorite things to read locally, not because I enjoy reading gossip about club fixtures who I’m not trendy enough to know, but because it’s deliciously over the top and also makes Providence seem like a much livelier scene than it actually is.

There’s a party for that tonight at State (1 Throop Alley).  I’m iffy on that place.  It’s loungy in an urban way, and it’s nice to see the homo over-30 crowd actually dressing up to go out somewhere that isn’t drag brunch.  On the other hand the drinks at State aren’t so hot and generally cost like eight hundred thousand dollars each.  (Okay not really.  But if I’m paying $13 for a Manhattan in Providence it ought to be good.)  For an underemployed lush like myself, that’s kind of a deterrent.

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  1. That bitchidence site is pretty cool. I didn’t know of its existence till now.

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