Friend Of Blog Launches “Wingnuttiest”

Taken from Free Republic thread "WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?"

A friend of the PDD recently had a brilliant brainstorm: Spend his idle time combing the wingnuttiest political sites and harvesting all the crazy crap he found out there.  He was diligent about it for a month or so, but has let it lay fallow for the last few weeks.

The above gem is indeed a combo Joker-face/Adolf Hitler Obama.  And as for the Donald Young gravestone at left:

The gravestone marked “R.I.P. Donald Young” refers to a choir director from Chicago that many wingnuts believe was murdered to cover up homosexual escapades and crack use between Obama, a man named Larry Sinclair, and Young. Really, people think this.

We’re trying to inspire him to pick things back up.  Please toss him a pageview or two if you can spare ’em.

1 thought on “Friend Of Blog Launches “Wingnuttiest””

  1. I really hate having to look at this image, even as a joke, which it barely is anyway. Got another one you can put up? This one reminds me of last summer and it upsets me.

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