Providence College Too PC For Youth For Western Civilization’s been a hoo-hah at PC over the last month or so.  The founder of the school’s fledgling YWC chapter puts it succinctly:

Providence College, an ostensibly Catholic institution, seemed to me like a perfect fit for a chapter of Youth for Western Civilization since the school already requires a 20-credit, two semester course on Western Civilization and has received top ratings from the conservative Cardinal Newman Society. I was wrong.

Basically, they couldn’t get a super-majority of the council that’s in charge of blessing new student groups to sign off on awarding standing to the YWC.

The writer taps right on into the Right’s dominant narrative of victimization, wherein a private-property-loving, Manifester of Destiny is allowed to get all pissy when a private university asserts its right to determine how its money will be spent, per rules that were in place prior to the students’ choosing to attend the university.  One can probably make a compelling argument against the denial of their status, but they sure as heck can’t, within the confines of their ideology.

Providence College: Love it or leave it, guys…

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  1. What I find silly about that comment is that their views have absolutely nothing to do with the Western Civ course the students are required to take (which is basically covering their fine art, culture, theology, etc. gen ed requirements). The course is not about keeping immigrants out of our country, giving only property owning white males the right to vote, etc.

    YWC is an extreme right wing group whose ideology borders on racism.

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