AS220 — What Is It, And Why

as220 Go inside and see real live artists in their natural habitat (quiet please, mating season).

Ever wonder what’s happening on on the other floors of AS220? Curious about AS220’s history? Come on down and take a free tour of AS220 with artistic director and founder Bert Crenca! Meet in the Bar & Restaurant area at 115 Empire St. to join in.

Like what you see? There are currently two live/work studio vacancies at this location. Contact Susan Clausen at 831.9327.

6pm to 7pm, free, Thursday, AS220, 115 Empire Street

1 thought on “AS220 — What Is It, And Why”

  1. AS220 blows. Bert is an ass. It is really sad how posts that do not favor AS220 get deleted or not approved by the moderator.

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