Tonight, On The Runway

My week’s been kind of nutsy, so sorry for posting this at the last minute.*  But tonight there’s another Project Runway viewing party at Tazza, with contestant Jonathan Peters in attendance.  There were a ton of people there last week, most of whom appeared to be very heavy drinkers, so the bar line was a little gonzo.  But that’s okay!

The party starts at 9, with the show beginning at 10, and who knows what zany antics will ensue at 11?  (I, for one, will most likely be heading next door to Union for karaoke.  But, you know, that’s maybe not for everyone.)

(*I actually meant to write this up yesterday, just for the sake of making an obscure Innocence Mission allusion in the headline.   Because even though nobody knows that song, I think it’s really cute in an emotional-montage-during-the-last-five-minutes-of-the-season-finale-of-something-on-the-CW kind of way.)

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