Yes, Keep Reed Cosper

loneliness I was happy to see the editorial board of the Providence Journal throw its support behind Reed Cosper, Rhode Island’s mental-health advocate.

Operating out of crumbling offices in the Howard Complex in Cranston, Mr. Cosper, a lawyer, has relentlessly sought to help people suffering from illnesses still heavily stigmatized by many in society. These people find it difficult to obtain the quality of treatment that those with physical illnesses receive — although serious mental illness has physiological causes, too.

The Governor has indicated that it is “time for a change”. Those lucky enough to have made Mr. Cosper’s acquaintance are startled to find this intellectually nuanced and compassionate advocate in state government at all. He is quiet and unassuming and is probably surprised that he has been noticed. It is not possible to find a better person for this position and as long as he will agree to stay he should be allowed to stay.

[Additional note: Columnist Bob Kerr agrees. Read his piece in Sunday’s paper for the background of this dedicated and capable public servant.]

5 thoughts on “Yes, Keep Reed Cosper”

  1. I don’t know how anyone can ever even think about replacing Reed, Reed has always gone above and beyond. As a client of The Kent center Reed has helped me a number of times. These Days the mental health advocates office does not even answer the phone, And they choose there battles. Reed never turned anyone away. just what did the governor expect to gain by Replacing Reed Cosper. I feel bad for the clients that are so dysfunctional they have no choice but to trust whoever hands there placed in. they no longer have anywhere to go when they are being bullied by there landlord or harassed by some bill collector. or find themselves in need of support for whatever reason.

  2. Reed is a gem for Rhode Island. When I was a case manager, he saved a client of mine from homelessness; later, he fought hard for my aunt. Reed deserves a medal, not criticism.

  3. I work with adults with mental illness at a local community mental health center. Reed has helped my client’s more time than I can count. He’s a great lawyer, a great advocate for those who are least able to advocate for themselves, and a great human being. The governor now thinks it’s time for a change. Why? Is it because Reed is a little too good at what he does? Rhode Island is lucky to have an individual such a Mr. Cosper in their state government.

  4. Glad to see this post as I agree that it is something more Rhode Islanders should be aware of but I love the photo! Fantastic representation of the problem many with metal illness struggle with — Being on the outside looking in. Good work here.

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