Education-Averse Pawtucket To Reconsider Sex Center

After Megan Andelloux attemped to open the Center For Sexual Pleasure and Health in Pawtucket — and after woman-hating URI professor Donna Hughes stuck her nosy nose in and tried to create a moral panic about it — the City of Pawtucket decided, strangely, to prevent the center’s opening because it was an educational center in an area of Pawtucket that isn’t zoned for education.

Now the city will again be hearing from Andelloux, as they consider her petition for a special use permit to open the center.

The hearing is tonight at 6:30 at Pawtucket City Hall.  We’ll keep you updated about what happens.

6:30pm, Monday, Pawtucket City Hall, 137 Roosevelt Avenue

3 thoughts on “Education-Averse Pawtucket To Reconsider Sex Center”

  1. Annie Messier

    I’m glad the center finally received permission to open. I do have to question whether Channel 12 is now trying to sabotage that ruling. They just aired, on the 6:00 news which families with impressionable children watch, a segment on Megan Andelloux and her center. For some reason Channel 12’s editors thought the most fabulous visual footage, out of everything in the facility, was a close-up of a booklet reading, “Not without my consent, asshole.” They honestly couldn’t have cropped out the naughty word, waited until 11:00 to show it, or gone with other footage?

  2. WJAR-TV ran a reasonable (non-trivializing, non-sound-bite, non-sensational) story on the hearing, near the top of the 11pm news. Megan got enough air time to describe her case fairly (or at least, to describe the reaction to it). The story was a nice departure from the fulsome, self-regarding crap that The Team You Trust has been ladling out so much of recently. Well, some of them have.

  3. It seemed to go well. The faces on the board certainly seemed more positive. They asked the right questions, and got the truth, which didn’t scare them at all.

    The Lawyer seemed good too, he knows his stuff.

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