Soul at Work Unconference

Join a group of women leaders next Wednesday, February 3rd, for their season kickoff event. The Unconference is where women gather to discuss leading on their own terms. The theme “Be Visible” will spotlight how we can all be more visible in 2010. Register online at

The psychological, scientific, feministic, economic and developmental dynamics are all part of the exploration of leading women. The Soul at Work events focus on 3 tenets to demonstrate how strong women lead in their own terms and create more Soul at Work:

  1. Introduce new role models and stories from women who have overcome obstacles and succeeded in their work by listening to their inner voice about what mattered.
  2. Develop and expand a network for sharing strategies and practices.
  3. Gather to support each other in implementing innovative practices.

The events are a tangible exploration to identify key and real leadership practices that you can implement right away. Each event explores a perspective, takes the themes to the audience, and then identifies the practices.

Attendees include proven and emerging women from a variety of industries.

Other events this season include:

  • February 25th – Movie Night showcasing “Who does she think she is?” with WCSWANS
  • March 31st – Café with Joan Dwyer at her business, All that Matters
  • April 28th – Movie Night showcasing movie tbd

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