Joe Danella — Outsider Artist

Just about everyone who stops by Joe’s business asks the big question. . . how did it all happen?  Joe’s mom will tell you it all started with a childhood passion, and a couple of old fruit boxes.

For years Joe owned and ran a small antique shop, Joe’s Quality Junk in Johnston, Rhode Island. Every now and again, he’d build a bird house for a gift, or fun, or eventually, to decorate an old tree in the front lawn that had fallen ill.  Well, that tree drew lots of attention!

Busy in his studio, artist Joe Danella works 10-3 just about every day — building and designing beautiful handcrafted birdhouses. Joe has owned and operated his business since 1991, but he’s been making things all his life. Each one-of-a-kind piece is hand hammered and hand screwed, using mixed woods, stainless steel and galvanized materials; no nail guns, glue or staples. Each birdhouse is signed by the master craftsman himself and he guarantees your complete satisfaction. (Pictured: Copper Top Pagoda and Tower.)

So when visitors describe a trip to Joe’s as magic, he’ll have to agree!

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