Congrats To Kip And Tink

liberty elm There’s a Palin joke in there somewhere — I’m sure they’ve heard them all by now. Kip and Tink own and operate the Liberty Elm Diner at 777 Elmwood Avenue. Having survived last summer’s wrangling with the state regarding overdue sales tax (and as a citizen I am happy to have officials working with business owners in this way — good for us all in the long run) Kip and Tink now announce that the diner has been placed in the National Register of Historic Places where it is the ‘Highlighted Property of the Week’! What does this mean for them in practical terms? According to the ProJo,

The National Register is the federal government’s official list of historically and architecturally significant properties, which get special consideration for federal assistance and are eligible for state tax benefits and loans.

So, that’s good news. The diner will soon be featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”, February 22 on the Food Network. (It’s nice to see the word ‘liberty’ in a context that has nothing to with right wing crazies. It’s not their word.)

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