Because It’s Not Called Dangerous And Confusing Valley Parkway, Is It?

Sorry for the short notice about this–although if you read our comments maybe you know already–but there’s a meeting tonight at 6pm at Capitol Ridge (the senior high-rise on Smith Street across from St. Patrick’s) to talk about the possibility of making Pleasant Valley Parkway one-way.  We posted about this issue before and have heard pros (ie. people would not be so confused when driving down a narrow divided boulevard where both sides are two-way, there might be fewer accidents, a bike lane could be created, stop signs would be less confusing to non-residents…) and cons (people that live on the parkway might be driving around the block to get home.)

Also, if you live near the parkway, you may be interested to know that tomorrow night at 6:30 is the monthly meeting of the Friends Of Elmhurst, which is also held at Capitol Ridge.

Also also, if you’re in the Capitol Ridge vicinity of Smith Hill often, there’s a new restaurant called Food For The People on Smith Street, a little ways up near Patrick’s Pub.  It’s Caribbean, which means that 99% of their menu is composed of meat, but I just went there for lunch and the rice is really good and the guy working there is super nice.  Also: cheap!

[photo: Flickr, via RunawayJim]

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