Budget Book’s Cover Makes Case Against Governor’s Budget

The State Council on the Arts has put out this press release, gently noting the irony of housing the elimination of RISCA’s grants program in a book that’s adorned by a beautiful painting (really striking in person) that recently won the top prize at RISCA’s “Scenes of Rhode Island” show.  The painting is online, over here.

That’s because this year’s budget contains cover art by Rhode Island artist Stephen Mancini of North Kingstown, part of an annual collaboration between the State Budget Office and the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts to feature original works of art by Rhode Island artists on the state budget document.

The cover of the State FY2011 budget books features a group of sailboats passing under both the new and old versions of the Jamestown bridge. The original was painted in acrylics on canvas by Mr. Mancini and titled “Jamestown Bridge Regatta.” The work was chosen by Governor and Mrs. Carcieri as “Best in Show” in the 2010 “Scenes of Rhode Island” art show, an annual collaboration between the State Arts Council and the Governor’s Office.

Randall Rosenbaum, Executive Director of the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, said that such collaborations are important. “The State Budget represents the life and livelihood of all Rhode Islanders. It’s not a sterile set of charts and numbers. Art helps to humanize this important document.”

Mancini, whose website is art-to-die-for, agreed, saying, “In some small way, my picture may provide a backdrop perspective to the budget… a reminder of some unique, and really priceless benefits of our Rhode Island lifestyle.”

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