Sick And Broke No Longer

one more push That’s the dream of Ocean State Action and 23 other labor, community, environmental, student and religious groups. Wednesday at 4 pm — Rally at the Soldiers and Sailors monument in Kennedy Plaza, right across from the Providence City Hall. Join us to call for urgent action from Congress to create more jobs for Rhode Islanders, reduce damaging state budget cuts by sending federal money to the state, and finish the job on health insurance reform. We encourage you to come bearing posters and decked out in hard hats, white coats, suits or jeans.

  • The JOBS FOR MAIN STREET Act to help reduce the Rhode Island budget deficit and to extend unemployment and COBRA for unemployed workers,
  • NATIONAL HEALTH CARE REFORM to control costs, extend coverage to everyone and make sure insurers are treating consumers fairly,
  • and the PUT AMERICA TO WORK Act to create jobs for unemployed workers in urban core communities and meet community needs.

Hosted by:
Ocean State Action, RI Jobs with Justice, RI AFL-CIO, AFSCME Council 94, RI Coalition for the Homeless, RI Building & Construction Trades Council, College Democrats of Rhode Island, Direct Action for Rights and Equality, Doctors For America, Gray Panthers, Laborers Local 271 (LIUNA), American Medical Students Association, RI National Organization for Women, MoveOn.Org, OpenDoors, Open Table of Christ Church, Painters Local 195 (IUPAT), RI Progressive Democrats of America, SEIU 1199 NE, Sierra Club RI, Brown University Student Labor Alliance, RI Unemployed Counci, and now you!

5 thoughts on “Sick And Broke No Longer”

  1. I dropped into Sen. Reed’s office the next day. I was in the area and figured, what the heck. Let’s keep the calls and letters coming.

  2. Huge thanks to all who made it out yesterday. I hope you were a little smarter than I was and wore gloves!

    If you’d like a little more of a heads up next time (my complete apologies for the late notice), please shoot an email to, and I’ll be sure to add you to our list of supporters. You can specify if you’re more interested in health care or economic issues.

    Thanks for taking an interest, and I hope that if you didn’t make it out yesterday you’ll drop a line to our Senators to thank them for their support so far, and express that we on the ground still need to see results. Senator Whitehouse’s office is 453-5294, and Senator Reed’s office is 943-3100.
    We’ll get there!

  3. Well, I was there, I am on the email list. Yes, it’s hard to work and blog at the same time, I’m probably going to be a little late today but I have some flexibility in my hours and my patients don’t want me showing up at their house at dawn.
    Here’s a report from downtown–

    Thanks for posting the photo of Dr. Emma Watson holding that sign. I got there late and saw just the image, not the slogan and was completely baffled. What on earth was that about, I wondered?

  4. We are still a pretty small operation here, and we all have jobs. We try to give a heads-up a few days ahead for events like this, but we all got real busy this past week. Bear with us, and thanks for coming back.

  5. If i were to show up for dinner at your house and give you less than 6 hours notice that would be rude.

    Similarly posting an even less than 6 hours before it happens is also rude as well as ineffectual.

    Why does Daily Dose seem to have a problem with this?

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