New Hatewagon, Same Hatemongers

The haters are coming back!

This time it’s the Family Research Council, who will be in Smithfield next Saturday for the Family Research Council’s “New England Family, Life & Marriage Summit,” hosted by the National Organization for Marriage. Anti-gay organizations from five of the six New England represented, and discussion topics will include such things as “Homosexuality In Your Child’s Public Schools” and “Engaging Students In Pro-Family Activism.” 

Queer Action of RI–whose name still annoys me, but whatever–is staging a passive counter-protest from 3-5 pm that day, hoping to catch the tail end of the summit (which starts at 9am.)

Lunch, incidentally, is being provided by Panera Bread.  (I’ve contacted them to see if they’re officially sponsoring the event and at what level.  I’ll let you know when I hear anything.)

The full schedule of events is here.

UPDATE (2/21):

Here’s an excerpt from an e-mail sent by Panera to the Providence Equity Action Committee.

Panera is not sponsoring this lunch, nor have we spoken to or been approached by this organization. Our donations department never received a request either.

While we can not research every organizations or their events, we are going to modify our donation form by asking for a brief statement of organizational purpose and an event description that may yield information that would be useful in identifying organizations or programs that are not consistent with our core value of respect for all.

We did a little research and their flyer states that a Panera Bread lunch will be served, but none of our cafes have an order for them as of yet. We are not sure why the put our name on their flyer if this is the case…

7 thoughts on “New Hatewagon, Same Hatemongers”

  1. Rob,

    I see nothing relevant to the family in a seminar titled “Homosexuality in your child’s public schools.” To have such a title for such an event insinuates that there is something wrong or threatening with homosexuals being present in public schooling. The sexual orientation of teachers, students, counselors or coaches has no bearing whatsoever on the quality of education or advice that those people are able to offer. I cannot attend such a seminar, but given the context it is being presented in and the background of NOM, i’d say that it is safe to say they are in fact suggesting homosexuality somehow makes one an impaired person or somehow dangerous to children.

    Am I wrong? Well then, please, do show me something that demonstrates how NOM is actually pro-gay or supportive of LGBTQ issues.

    The event may be pro-family, but the event is also most certainly (at the very least implicitly) anti-gay.

  2. Such a big and divisive issue, and you guys are arguing about Panera Bread? This is going to be easier than I thought!
    I am equally annoyed by the name of Queer Actions organization. If they wanted to be taken more seriously, a new name may be in order.
    The themes being discussed at this event are not anti-gay, but pro-family. A gay couple can raise a child, but a woman can never take the place of a father. Likewise, a man can never take the place of a mother. This isn’t bigotry, it’s fact.

  3. During efforts to communicate with Panera Bread, it happens that I was in contact with a different PDD writer regarding Panera’s responses. I am sorry if I neglected to include Matthew in the correspondence trail — I’ll try to send the responses to him now.

    Mike Airhart
    Member, PEAC

  4. sorry let me clarify….that they analyzed Panera Bread’s role and that it seems as though Panera Bread is innocent and no orders have been placed.

  5. Peac released an e mail today stating that Panera Bread is attending. We are asking that people attend the protest and the event if they’d like to. And I didn’t start the battle of words….the passive counter protest did. We are not being passive at all…we just aren’t going to get violent.

  6. Oh boy.

    The e-mail I got yesterday from Queer Action said “In keeping with our values, we will protest non-violently outside the event and be seen by participants leaving the event.” It also specifically asks people not to try attending the event. How is that not passive?

    I also received an e-mail from PEAC yesterday saying that they would be attending (although their protest starts eariler in the day) but that info didn’t go out until after this post had already gone up.

    I saw no information anywhere from either QA or PEAC that Panera was innocent, which was why I contacted them. (They still haven’t responded, and I wouldn’t call them innocent until they confirm that.)

    I also don’t know what you’re talking about with the 7 people and the screaming, and I don’t know why you need to use phrases like “people like you” when asking people to be cooperative. And I’m sorry if you think the blog is little.

  7. I am a member of Queer Action and I take great offense to your little back handed dig on here. There is nothing passive about out protest. I’m sorry but I don’t believe in calling people bigots and hate mongers especially when I don’t have the correct information. Panera Bread is innocent in this whole thing and have no orders to date. This information comes from PEAC also. So maybe you should get your facts straight before you go to a rally with 7 other people and scream obscenities at the wrong people. Going from 3-5 actually makes the most sense because it lets the people at the event see us. We also our gathering as many people as possible so that we have a good showing. All of the groups in RI want the same thing and it’s a shame we cannot all work together and people like you have to write defamatory comments on your little blog.

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