Come To A Viewing Party — Liberty Elm On TV Monday

liberty elm diner sign Owners, friends and fans of the Liberty Elm Diner are gathering tomorrow night to watch the Liberty Elm episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network, and the public is invited. Host Guy Fieri had just dropped in for the taping last summer (where he signed the wall) when the flapjacks hit the fan regarding the owners’ overdue sales tax payments. Some agreement has been achieved and they are still in business and that is worth celebrating right there. The television show airs at 10pm on Monday for those who can’t get out. For those who want a party head down to the Everyman Bistro and with live music starting at 8:30pm (and continuing after the show airs) courtesy of the Killdevils, Lucky 57, and Mark Cutler and Friends.

Party 8:30pm (show 10pm) Monday, Everyman Bistro, 311 Iron Horse Way, 751.3630

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