Someone Does Not Love Lucie

I really, really, really, really hate to be posting a story about Facebook. But this one’s kind of intriguing, maybe:

The other day I got a friend request from Lucie Searle, the Development Manager and Preservationist at AS220. Since the new Facebook allows you to accept or reject friend requests without actually reading the other person’s profile I accepted. (I don’t know Lucie, really, although I interviewed her for an article once a few years ago and for some reason she’s always in Stop & Shop when I’m there. But I’m not particularly discerning about Facebook friend requests.)

So I was surprised a few hours later to get an e-mail from another AS220 employee, telling me that the Lucie Searle profile was a fake. Checking it out, it is kinda obvious that the profile’s not real. Although her 42 friends are all local art types–including some former AS220 residents–the profile photo is very silly. But more than that, the Basic Info lists her address and home phone number, and the Photos section contains Google Street View screenshots of her house.

Her 42 friends probably all accepted the friend request without actually looking at the profile. But it’s sort of interesting that all this should transpire just weeks after a former employee of the much-missed Taqueria Pacifica started the “Bert Crenca Blows” Facebook group, aimed at the non-profit’s founder and artistic director. That group currently has 24 members who are either still mad about the Taqueria closing or who just accept every group invite they get.

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  1. What exactly is the point of a fake Facebook profile if one doesn’t do anything with it? The profile is simply friends and fans of pretty much everything one might expect Lucie to be friends/fans of (I don’t actually know Lucie personally, but I am a fake friend of hers on Faceplace).

    I suppose, if the profile is actually fake, then I should just unfriend it. But now that it is exposed, I was hoping for some eDrama. I’m so terribly bored so far.

  2. cody thompson

    Whatev’s Jones, you’ve had a hard-on for me since day 1 of this AS220/TP BS.

    How much does AS220 pay you?

  3. haha! I think I’d be honored.

    But seriously, I don’t believe I participate in the type of behavior that would get someone to make one about me.

    (From what I’ve heard) There do exist paths that individuals can take to get these profiles taken down. Complaining on this blog is not one of those paths.

  4. Clearly two options wasn’t a literal suggestion, it was to make an overall point about affecting positive change with one’s energy rather than engaging in hostile, immature, and ultimately pointless behavior.
    But even with the “two options” I didn’t tell him to stop complaining, I simply pointed out how unproductive and weak his method of expression is. If Cody wants to engage in the internet equivalent of standing on the street corner screaming at cars about the “bad man”, he’s welcome to it.
    However, blogs like this one bear no obligation be a vehicle for his rants about how much he hates Bert and AS220, despite his sense of entitlement to do so.
    And I would hope that even those who share Cody’s opinions would think that creating a fake facebook page for someone (which was the content of the original post and he hasn’t denied doing) with their personal information is out of bounds. Would you find it acceptable if someone did that to you Kevin?

  5. Actually in your case two ways is one too many, since after all these months you’ve only come up with the one it’s obvious that the limits of your potential have been reached.

  6. I disagree with the “two options” thing. He believes in something, and wants to speak out about it. Saying he should start his own organization is like saying, “You want to complain about XYZ politician? Well, you can either run for office, or stop complaining.”

    Let the man have his opinion.

  7. mark sawtelle

    Somebody with a ton of creative energy and almost as much destructive energy needs a new hobby.

  8. Cody-
    There are two ways you can utilize the tremendous amount of energy your dislike of Bert and AS220 seems to generate in you.

    One is to go out and start the organization that is what you think AS220 should be, and run it as you think it should be run. That is what a strong and principled person would do, and Providence would be better for it.

    The other is to engage in juvenile trash talk about AS220 and the people associated with it in wherever you see fit, like an angry 7th grader writing on the bathroom wall about the teacher they hate. That is what a weak and petty person would do, and it benefits no one.

    Why not step up to the plate? AS220 doesn’t have a monopoly on art in the Providence community. Plenty of people have put their energies into positive opportunities for the arts and artists here without having to attack other organizations. Or is that all it is about for you?

    Your crusade isn’t changing minds, it isn’t going to change Bert or AS220, and it isn’t going to provide a place for artists or musicians or poets or creators of any type to show their work. And nobody respects a temper tantrum.

    When somebody does something you don’t like or respect, the solution is to do better.

  9. cody thompson


    Truth be told, I disliked Bert Crenca before disliking Bert Crenca was cool.”

    Matthew, I understand that you have an unconditional love for Bert Crenca and all things AS220. Too many people in this town do.

    Thankfully there are people in Providence that have seen Bert for his true colors and that he does indeed “blow”.

    I urge these folks to visit the Bert Crenca Blows page on Facebook. It is fantastic.

    Thank You,
    Cody Thompson

  10. Lucie is an awesome lady. She’s worked to transform downtown into a place full of community space for art and music, and is committed to affordable housing for local artists.

    The facebook thing is completely lame and childish. Way to pick your battles, fake-Lucie-profile-creator.

  11. smiling politely.

    Truth be told, I disliked Bert Crenca before disliking Bert Crenca was cool.

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