Meta Museum — Now In 3D

westminster stories Head downtown tomorrow and Saturday for an ‘event’ in which the installation that was a reflection of the street it was on, now spills back out onto the street and becomes a ‘museum’ of the original installation which was about the street to begin with. Okay I give up. Let them tell it.

Since December, a store window in downtown Providence, has contained an exhibit called Westminster Stories, a diorama telling stories of people and buildings on two blocks of Westminster Street. This March, the project will culminate in a spectacular, three-dimensional museum exhibit . . . on the street itself.

It’s the latest creation of Providence-based group, The Museum On Site. The museum’s labels will be placed on street furniture, buildings, inside stores, on the sidewalk — even on people, who have volunteered to be labeled for the event. The labels are the result of historical research and more than 150 interviews with people on Westminster Street. A special ‘Museum of Westminster Street Gift Store’ will also be created.

More info at The Museum of Westminster Street.

Friday 11:30am to 2pm, Saturday noon to 4pm

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