matthew and micah

I suppose it wasn’t too surprising to bump right into Dose regulars Matthew Lawrence and Micah Salkind (in 3D) immediately upon arrival at the Museum of Westminster Street, an event I wanted to cover for The Dose. Everybody knows everybody and goes everywhere all together all the time. Each had been designated a ‘current exhibit’, along with the bicycle rack and the sidewalk. Friday was the first of two days for The Museum which runs the two blocks between Dorrance and Union Streets.  For a chilly weekday it was pretty busy, and the weather is supposed to be getting warmer and sunny. Head over and you will be greeted by a museum guard who will hand you a guide with a map and notes. Also on ‘exhibit’ was Peter Green (after the jump) the photographer who has long documented the peregrine falcons nesting on the old Industrial National Bank. One flew by as we spoke. Mr. Green showed me a picture he took yesterday of the female getting busy.

Free, Westminster Street, Saturday, noon to 4pm

peter green

He has photographed a hawk sitting right on the Independent Man.

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