Material Desires

urchins More things for me to covet — urchins! These fabulous creatures, created by Jennifer Maestre, are on display and for sale ($125 each) at the ‘Material Desires’ show at Craftland. Curated by Rebecca Siemering — and up through Saturday, March 13th — the show also features artists Jenine Bressner, Lynne Harlow, Peter Lutz, Barbara Owen and Islay Taylor. (More pix after the jump.)

Show through Saturday, Craftland, 235 Westminster Street, 272.4285

Below: Wallflower Party by Jenine Bressner. Hand and laser cut testiles, synthetic fibers and glass. $850.

wallflower party

Below: Luminous Chain by Islay Taylor. There are five different versions (short, long, 3-strand etc.) from $80 to $145. Glass, thread, retroglow, brass/sterling silver. The construction of these pieces is lovely. They don’t appear to be strung, but rather encased in ‘netting’.

luminous chain

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