Because Dose Readers Are The Best Readers In The World

good job The voting deadline for The Providence Phoenix ‘The Best 2010’ poll has been extended until March 18th. Pick your favorites in the various and sundry food, drink, entertainment and arts categories. (The fragmentation within these categories is getting a little ridicolous — wiener joint and wiener/hot dog joint?)

Having said that, under ‘City Life’ you will find the ‘Best Blog’ category and even if we here at The Dose act all too-cool-for-school, we are actually horribly needy and insecure, and in constant need of stroking and validation, and would really love to win this honor. . . again. The other nominees are worthy enough — although there are a few glaring omissions — but just vote for us. Pleeeeeeze.

(Um, also, go to ‘Place for Coffee’ and vote for Blue State Coffee.)

2 thoughts on “Because Dose Readers Are The Best Readers In The World”

  1. I don’t know, GC:PVD de-followed my Twitter [!!!], so the part of me that holds stalky internet grudges is glad they didn’t get nominated.

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